Miss Chipmunk

It appears as if I gained 350 pounds in my sleep by the look of my cheeks. Yet, I somehow still have friends. First Annie, then Andrea, then Evan came bearing gifts of smoothies and time set aside to spend with me. I love them all so much.


Today we celebrated Wesley’s birthday with family. I couldn’t eat much of the food, but I was too tired to anyways. My favorite part of the day was discovering a boy I had been talking to is a jerk because that led to a talk I had been craving to have with my dad for so so long. What healing it brought to our relationship and I am so thankful for that. I am also thankful for Yo.



Adios Wisdom Teeth

Well this happened. Don’t remember it, but my brother captured a lot of it on his camera. I recommend watching the videos when you’re in desperate need of a laugh, because they’ll provide that for you.
Jenna Quinn Long and Meaghan Vaders get gold stars for visiting me today. I have some great friends.


So far no chipmunk cheeks, but we’ll see what tomorrow brings.


Panic! At The Creek


Panera with an almost complete stranger was how I began my day. A boy I used to work with requested to pick my brain, and so I let him for this morning, and that is that.

I love my friends. Today turned out to be the perfect day for boating. Chris, Evan, Emma and I spent a few hours on Alum Creek where I tubed for the first time. I haven’t laughed that much in quite some time.


I was the first backup for an abandoned Panic! At The Disco ticket and tonight was the night to put it to use! Janelle, Lauren, Jessica, Annie and I jammed out to Magic Man, Walk the Moon and the main event until the stars joined in with us.



Things that went wrong: losing my phone momentarily, all of our phones dying accept for Annie’s, getting lost in Marysfield township, littering, continuous ringing.
However, all of these disasters made the night absolutely PERFECT!!!


Hilton Head: Day Nine and Ten

On the road again back to the Ville! Before our adventures could begin, we had to complete a checklist of things the McIntosh’s (owners of the villa) needed us to complete.
-Take out trash
-Strip sheet of beds
-Blah, blah, blah
We finished in no time and were out of there by 10:30! And so the trip begins.
Our halfway mark was the same as last time, solely because I forgot my tennis shoes there on our first stop to South Carolina.

The ride home seemed to fly by, and thank goodness because I was incredibly ready to come home and out an end to all the eating out.

One thing I did learn on this six hour ride home was how to eat an apple in the car. Note to self: always carry around an apple cutter, wherever you go.

So good to be back in Ohio.



Hilton Head: Day Eight

Quite a lazy day it’s been. I woke up early to take a walk on the beach and think for a bit. As fundamentally relaxing as this week has been, my mind has been thinking nonstop in a billion different directions. Hoping to reach some clarity, I strolled awhile until I found a spot to sit and pray away for awhile.
The rest of the day was spent rescheduling classes (I am now enrolled in yoga on Monday and Wednesday mornings..so pumped for that!!), and reliving my 5 grade days by logging into Webkinz for a momentary walk down memory lane.
Once my family decided it was nap time, I decided it was exploring time.



Making it back just as the clouds were turning this beautifully dark color, I freshened myself up and the four of us made a stop to Guseppi’s.

This seemed like a terribly wonderful way to end our last day of vacation until the beautifully dark cloud brought forth a vicious storm. This weather detour wouldn’t have been so drastic if we weren’t seated outside just feet from the downpour. It made for a memorable finish to a time we’ll spend on Hilton Head Island.



Hilton Head: Day Seven

What a better way to spend a sun-filled day than at the beach??

Everyday, a man walks up and down the beach showing off his enormous kite. Today was a particularly windy day, so he had to fight more than usual to keep his contraption above the heads of the fascinated observers.

Shelter Cove is a town with a magnetic force attracting visitors and residents of Hilton Head together for nights of family friendly friend. A Jimmy Buffet knock off, Shannon Tanner, provided a crowd with a night full of music and dancing…what I would consider an ideal way to live out a night such as this.

Rarely does the Griffith family end the night without dessert, and due to a coupon graciously left in our villa, Pino Gelato was the obvious sweet treat of this night.

Forgot to mention, mom and I were matching in two of her old maxi dresses from back in the day. So cute. 💕